Beautifully finished sterling-silver offset bangle


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Sterling Silver Offset Bangle


This brilliantly shined sterling silver bracelet was made from thick-walled hollow tubing.  I inserted an 8ga copper wire inside the bracelet so that it could be formed, and also so that you can make minor adjustments to the fit w/out bending or collapsing the walls of the bangle.  Plus the copper insert gives the bracelet a comforting weight.

I promise you that my photos simply do not do justice to this piece.  It’s a hard shine that’s been sanded, polished, and tumbled into this bracelet.

The end caps were made from fine silver wire, about 80mm in length each, by balling the wire up into half-dome shapes and attaching them via soldering to the bracelet ends.

The total weight of the bracelet comes in at 33 grams and the bracelet measures 76mm at the outer diameter (3″), and 70mm at the inner diameter.  (2 13/16″)  The bracelet will come in three sizes, measured in length by inches:  7″ (S)  8″ (M)  9″ (L).

Silver country of origin: United States

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