Inlay turquoise and sterling silver are gorgeously combined in this pendant/necklace!


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Silver Pendant with Turquoise Inlay


This is a Sterling silver, vertical-style, pendant I made, beginning with smelting the silver and creating the 20-gauge sheet metal back, and the 12-gauge hand-pulled square wire for the walls.  Once everything was soldered together, I filled the three chambers with turquoise chips and filed, sanded, and polished the pendant.

The pendant is hallmarked as 0.925% silver and bears the GG “Gracie” chop on the back.  The pendant measures appx. 7grams with the inlay and measures 49 x 8 x 3 mm (hwd).  There are a few minor (barely visible) cosmetic flaws where the solder didn’t flow all the way through the metal causing some fine lines to be visible on the sides and front.  A Sterling silver ring was soldered to the top of the pendant.

The chain is made from Argentium silver (0.935%) which is similar to Sterling silver but is tarnish-resistant and, like Sterling silver, is hypoallergenic.  The chain measures about 22″ in total length made from 18ga Arg wire, formed into 4mm links, each link in the chain hand-cut and assembled.

Please note that this piece is all one-color silver – picture enhancements to the original photo make it appear as if the silver chain is a different color from the pendant but I assure you, it is the same.

This is an exclusive piece that I will not be making or offering for sale, again.

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