Acid-etched copper key fob with horse head and fob ring.


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Etched Horse Head Copper Key Fob w/Ring


This copper key fob has a beautiful horse portrait etched into the copper plate. This is a good-sized fob, measuring approximately 1.5″ x 1.75″ (40mm x 45mm) and has a welded copper ring threaded through a hole tapped into the corner of the fob.

Note: Etching is an inexact science – your fob design may appear slightly different, than the picture showed, in terms of placement and etching strength.  The size of the fob may be slightly less or slightly more than described as every fob is hand-cut from sheet stock and then hand-finished.  I will not ship your fob unless I am satisfied with the quality of the image and the overall piece!

Copper Country of Origin: United States

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